Best Way to Transfer Large Files

We all know how frustrating it is to transfer large files. Unfortunately emails can cary around 25 MB. If you try to upload it will take too much space on your cloud drive.

If this is the case I’d recommend a peer to peer file sharing apps. These apps connects your devices directly and transfer files between them. This way you don’t have to upload your files to any server.

SpaceDrop is a simple file and text exchanging web application that allows you to transfer files or texts from your clipboard directly between devices without installing any app or uploading any server just by using your browser.

  • Go and open, first create a space by entering any name of your choice. You can create a password for this space by clicking lock icon if you want.

  • Drag and drop files to the space to exchange them between devices.

  • Go to any other device and enter same space name. You’ll see the files that you dropped to the space. You can download files from any device by going same space.

That’s it. Because it uses WebRTC for secure peer-to-peer file transfer, your files go directly from one device to another without uploading them to any server. It’s much safer and more efficient than other file-sharing methods.