Freelance Like A Pro

Being a freelancer doesn’t mean you can’t look professional. On the contrary, you can look professional and attract more and higher budget projects.

As Megamind said, it’s all about presentation.

You can start by getting yourself a domain and email address. Trust me, having a professional email will look much better than free gmail or yahoo emails.

In addition to popular portfolio platforms, showcase your works on your personal website and make sure to use only your own website for your business relations. This will not only demonstrate your expertise in your field but also show how seriously you take your work.

This parts contains self promotion for my product. Share your digital files more professional way with collobox. This is fine using email attachments or cloud platforms but when you have multiple projects, it can become overwhelming and inefficient. With collobox you can share files with your clients in one location and let them review, note and download most recent version all the time. You can request beta access at and explore more…

Whatever you do, always be presentable and look professional. So you’ll get the respect you deserve.